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It's like lawn service for your boat!

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Boat Maintenance
Engine hours

20 Hour Engine Service

This is the "Break In" service for your new engine. It removes debris and metal shavings from the factory. This is necessary to maintain an engines warranty because of the issues caused by these shavings in your oil.

Oil Service

We Change & Service:

Filter ~ Oil ~ Fuel Filters ~ Lower Unit Flush & Fill w/Synthetic Lower Unit Fluid ~ Spark Plugs

Yamaha Oil Filter
Water Pump Impeller

Change Your Impeller

We replace the Impeller ~ Cup/Housing ~ Plate

Fuel Service (recommended ~ 500 Hours or 10 years)

We Change & Service:

Replace Injectors w/Re-manufactured or New Injectors ~ VST Filter ~ High Pressure Filters

Fuel Injector
Lower Unit

Lower Unit Re-Seal

This is necessary if water is found in the gear case. We replace all seals that maintain the gear case housing, driveshaft, shift shaft & prop shaft. We pressure test our reseal for 1 hour at 10 psi to ensure a good seal.

1000 Hour Service (or as Manufacturer Specs)


Oil Service including filter ~ Fuel Filters ~ Spark Plugs ~ Anodes as Needed ~ Replace Timing Belt & Belt Tensioner ~ Oil Change ~ Fuel Service (VST Filter, High Pressure Filter, Re-manufactured or New Fuel Injectors) ~ Replace Impeller, Plate & Housing ~ Lower Unit Flush & Fill w/Synthetic Fluid ~Inspect Steering System for leaks.


Sea Star & Bay Star Hydraulic Steering Systems

We Refill & Replace both systems ~ Replace Steering System Seals ~ AND We replace Standard Steering Cables

Bilge Pumps

Bilge Pumps
Throttle Control Shifter

WE Change Your Control Cables

Is your throttle sticking or hard to shift? These are symptoms of cables beginning to fail. We assess, measure and replace the cable for a like-new throttle!

we replace your battery cables

Many times this is the root of your worst problems and much less expensive to replace.

Battery Cables
Computer Diagnostics

We can repair your trailer on site

Boat Cleaning

We offer cleaning services for your boat too!

Boat Cleaning
Boat for sale

Pre-purchase Inspections

Have you found your Dream Boat? Let us inspect it to ensure it is a Dream Boat and NOT a Nightmare Boat!

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