Our Keep it Clean, Keep it Running Plan is comparable to your lawn or pool service but we service your boat and trailer so they are ready for enjoyment when you are!

All Florida boat owners know that if you let a boat sit idle, even for a short period, the boat won't run properly and it will be dirty when you're ready to take it out. This situation takes time and money to resolve before you can get out on the water for enjoyment.

Our Keep it Clean, Keep it Running Plan is designed to put the fun back into boating. With this service our technicians arrive to your location to perform in-depth periodic (weekly or bi-weekly) operational checks of your boat, trailer,and all related equipment while also washing the hull and interior surfaces of the boat to prevent dirt and mold from accumulating.

We Check:

  • Fluid Levels
  • Run the Engine(s)
  • Gauge Function
  • Bilge Pumps
  • Live Wells
  • VHF Radio
  • Power Poles
  • Any special concern You have!
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